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Imart hotel Liassidi Palace finden moderne und zeitgenössische Kunst ihr Zuhause, da das Hotel zugleich auch ein wunderbarer Ausstellungsraum ist, in dem kulturelle Events und Kunstausstellungen organisiert werden, deren Herzstück sich im herrlichen Salon im ersten Stock befindet, wo die raffinierte und kosmopolitische Atmosphäre von Venedig des 16. Jahrhunderts die Werke international anerkannter und junger aufstrebender Künstler venezianischer und internationaler Schule umfängt.

DasLiassidi Palace Hotel vereint den künstlerischen Anspruch von Venedig, Stadt der Künste und Hauptstadt der Weltkultur, wodurch der Aufenthalt bei uns die beste Gelegenheit für die Teilnahme an einzigartigen Events bietet, wie etwa die Aufführungen im Teatro La Fenice, die zeitgebundenen und die Dauerausstellungen historischer Museen und berühmter Galerien, die Internationalen Filmfestspiele und die Werke der Biennale d'Arte.

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Maestro Fabio Farnasier:

Wonder and Fantasy Nature

A Carnival of fairy talesmarvels and fantastic natures: the woods, the valleys, the seas, the mountains, the lagoons and the mysterious animal and vegetable creatures inhabiting them.

This year’s Carnival is globalised because, from its origins, each culture has drawn from its heritage of fantasy andfairy tales as a narrative metaphor of life. Humankind has always felt the need to narrate the mystery of nature through fairy tales. Global cultures, first in the shape of myths, then in an anthropomorphic shape in the world fairy-tale tradition, deploy an endless wealth of symbols and characters to describe the creation and the origin of life, the atmospheric elements, vegetable beings and animal creatures.

The objective will be to encourage party goers to rediscover, through their costumes and through the masked city, the importance of fantasy, both popular and cultured, esoteric and didactic, and its relationship with humankind and the environment. A gateway between the East and the West, where myths – and fears – of overseas monstrous and surprising creatures were translated into tales, paintings, decorations, to be exported to Europe along the canals and the roads scoured by merchants.

During the 2014 Carnival, a huge fantasy dictionary will be represented in Venice: each mask will become a symbolic material trace of an alluring meeting of space and time, where in some place of our history one or more human beings have conceived a myth and turned it into image and narration. A timeless fantasy dictionary, a huge morphologic map of unbound human creativity, pleased to explore nature and its mysteries, to represent it with shapes, sounds and attitudes, freely travelling in the heads of our ancestors and in those of our children.


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